19 Jan

I love Chiang Mai. It is fantastic place to visit.

Its Bangkok but smaller and less smelly, so way better! We arrived by plane a little after dark and made the taxi driver take us to this small road called Soi 7 where all the hostels are located within the walls of the old town.


The first night was spent walking and making bad decisions to eat Americanized food, although a hamburger would be nice I can say if you’re ever here, don’t do it it’s not worth it. Except for maybe McDonald’s, that’s the same in every country.

Red Curry.

Banana Shakes
The next day was spent crusin’ around on bikes, learning how to deal with traffic, exploring markets, and a few of the hundreds of temples that reside inside the town walls.


They have this exceptional market on the weekends where the locals buy and sell their goods. It’s a little touristy but still used a lot by…

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