19 Jan

CBS Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Two Buck Chuck will no longer cost two bucks. Trader Joe’s is raising the price on its famous Charles Shaw wine from $1.99 per bottle to $2.49 per bottle.

CBS13 set out to answer the question: Were there sour grapes from wine lovers about the suddenly pricier pour?

“Big deal,” laughed one Trader Joe’s customer.

You could call it the end of an era. For the first time since its debut 11 years ago, a bottle of award-winning Charles Shaw wine will run you more than two bucks at Trader Joe’s.

“I think they just wanna make good wine, which is why it wins awards,” customer Kate Moore said. “At least it’s under $3, which is still good for college students.”

Trader Joe’s annually sells 5 million bottles of the award-winning wine bottled in Ceres. The grocer held out for years, but…

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