19 Jan

The Daily Norm

I’ve already mentioned that my recent trip to Paris had been justified on the basis that there were at least 3 tremendous exhibitions on show which I was bursting to see. But likewise, while I always try to rationalise my extravagance in visiting Paris as often as possible, for those who really appreciate the aesthetic beauty, the artistic perfection of life, I need justify this visit no further, nor indeed any other foray into this undeniably beguiling city. Just one look at my recent set of Paris photos is justification in itself. For where else on earth could a heaving, busy, pulsating capital city exhibit such indisputably captivating elegance? From its broad Haussmann boulevards and narrow cobbled streets, to the blue lacquered doorways and red wings of the Moulin Rouge Windmill, Paris is a paradise of unparalleled artistic ravishment, seducing every species of the creative collective within its fold.



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